Transformer Remanufacture

The OTC remanufacturing process renews the life cycle of your equipment to current industry standards. We review such changes as upgrades to capacity, changes to system voltages and loss reduction. Our on-site design engineers also design your transformer to eliminate any weaknesses found that may have caused the failure. We provide a detailed inspection report before we begin your transformer remanufacture. 

Prior to return shipment, we test remanufactured transformers as new at 100% levels in accordance with the latest ANSI standards in one of our test stations. 

We return your transformer to you on time and on budget with a new product warranty. You will find our experience and quality to be unrivaled and our economic and environmental benefits to be remarkable.\


Consider The Advantages 

  • Transformers are remanufactured and upgraded using the latest design techniques and materials – often resulting in increased clearances, improved dielectric strength and lower temperature rises
  • Remanufacturing can provide approximately 40% cost savings and shorter lead-time as opposed to a new transformer
  • Our industry-recognized, on-site engineering staff provides excellent redesign consultations
  • Our remanufactured transformers carry a product warranty
  • The unit maintains its original profile and electrical connections assuring its fit into its previous space
  • Eliminating disposal costs, and recycling materials and fluids provides a positive environmental impact
  • Our product experience includes numerous original equipment manufacturers both domestic and international