Dear customers, business partners, and friends of the SGB-SMIT Group,

The current measures for the containment of the corona virus (COVID-19) have immense effects on all commercial enterprises – and thus also on the SGB-SMIT Group. However, even more than for some other companies, it is of enormous importance for our group members that production and service continue as far as possible. After all, our products are an elementary component for energy generation and distribution.

We are aware of our responsibility, which we assume – also and especially – in these times: Our customers ensure that the energy supply is maintained, and in this task they also rely on the proven reliable support of the SGB-SMIT Group.

We are particularly pleased that fortunately no serious illness of an SGB-SMIT employee has been reported to date. We wish involved colleagues a speedy recovery and all the best!

Measures of the SGB-SMIT Group against further spread of the virus in the workforce

Of course, even before COVID-19 we had a collection of emergency plans for different scenarios, and because of this preparation we were able to react particularly quickly to the current crisis.

As an example for all locations of the SGB-SMIT Group, we list the measures that have already been taken at the SGB site in Regensburg:

  • The frequency of the basic cleaning of workplaces, common rooms and toilets has been massively increased.
  • All departments outside of production are reducing their presence by forming teams that alternate with home offices and on-site availability.
  • The canteen is only open until noon and only for pick-up of a lunch-to-go. Admission is only granted for one or two people at the same time.
  • In all areas, the minimum distance between colleagues is 2 metres.
  • Travel has been suspended – except for absolutely essential tasks and important repairs and service work on transformers at our customers’ premises.
  • Visitor reception has also been reduced to a minimum; guests are subject to a preliminary check for a stay in a risk area.
  • Meetings (internal and external) take place only as video conferences.

In addition, we maintain a Corona Prevention Team that discusses the latest developments on a daily basis, takes new measures if necessary and provides ongoing information. This team consists of colleagues from various departments, representatives of the management and works council, and employees who deal with occupational safety and human resources.

Our promise of full support during the Corona crisis

The members of the SGB-SMIT group are also affected by the effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. As producers and service providers for the energy sector, however, we were and are particularly well prepared – thanks, among other things, to a supply chain with the broadest possible horizon and corresponding inventories. So, we can assure you: As long as the framework allows us to do so, we will support you with our products and services, including maintenance and installation at our customers’ sites.

Conversely, you can also help us by temporarily refraining from personal contact with your contact person at SGB-SMIT – and bring a little patience with you if a process takes a little more time than you are used to from us. Thank you very much for your understanding and your cooperation!

Please note, that as soon as one of our entities will be affected by a situation which will impact our capabilities to deliver, such entity will immediately inform you individually.

Finally, the most important thing: We wish you and your family good health and that both you personally and your company master this crisis without major consequences.

Your SGB-SMIT Group